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Social Efficiency Versus Democratic Equality

Education & ScienceUnderneath the 1833 Factory Act no little one could work in factories under the age of 9; and the hours youngsters may work was limited, according to their age e.g. 9 to 13 12 months olds couldn’t work for greater than nine hours, and 13 to 18 12 months olds couldn’t work for greater than 12 hours a day. Even the college premises aren’t safe. There have been several circumstances of theft and robbery reported within the school premises. Some hostels, just like the CafĂ© feminine hostel, have witnessed several instances of theft within the recent days. Even a HOD’s office was burgled while the students had to pay for the loss. All these are indication of a whole insecurity of lives and properties in the Federal-owned College.

To this finish, pedagogy focused on ending bias and sexism in teaching which discouraged ladies from succeeded in math and sciences. New …